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Frequently Asked Questions


Why choose a Psychologist?

A qualified psychologist will usually have completed a Doctorate in Psychology. The training involved to complete study is extensive and can typically take up to 6 to 10 years. The training includes several years of practice based training. A psychologist is trained to assess an individual's difficulties that incorporates what is called case formulation. This means that a Psychologist can often help in an effective way to assist positive change quite quickly.


What can I expect?

 I would advise you to have a free no obligation conversation with me over the phone first. This way you can ask questions before deciding to meet me for an initial assessment.


The sessions will take place in a quiet room that is not disturbed or online via WhatsApp. The intention is to provide a safe space where you can explore your feelings and experiences.


What if I can not make a session?

Frequent cancellations or irregular availability for sessions can impede your progress. Cancelled or failed appointments will require payment unless 48 hours notice is given. If I am on leave I will give you advanced notice where possible and you are not required to pay for sessions.


What If I want to end sessions or a program?

Ending of sessions is usually through mutual agreement , although it can be ended by either one of us. Endings are an important aspect of the work and ideally this would need to be planned and worked towards.

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